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The Benefits You Get Using Brand New Software for Library

Book libraries growing fast, book-lovers start thinking about their organization more and more seriously. It's not that easy already to keep your book collection tidy and neat - it requires lots of time, and even more efforts. Nothing but cutting-edge software for library could do this work a lot better. Here is the list of benefits you get as a result of using with-it software for library.

Save a good deal of time searching books

It is not the least important moment when it comes to massive book libraries. How much time do you need to find a book you want in your collection, huh? And if you are a real book-lover and the collection is really elephantine and hard to handle. Then it's not that easy to give a definite answer. One thing is obvious - you will need a lot of time and probably nerves! The software for library like All My Books solves this problem within seconds - with quick filter and advanced search options available you will once and for all forget about suchlike problems.

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Save efforts adding info about books

To be exact, you will not have to do anything at all - the program does EVERYTHING itself! The program picks up info about books from the most popular databases and downloads it to your computer! All you need to do - just a couple of mouse clicks. That's it! Besides, with this software for library your collection of books will be very beautiful and smart. Add covers and illustrations to book cards, add photos of the book authors to make the collection ultimate and full of pleasant details.

Keep good control of your books!

You will always hold the keys of your book library using loan manager built in this program for library. It contains the names of your friends you gave books to and the date the books are going to be back.

You will keep track of the books you possess and the location they are in. You are also welcome to import all to your website - so every time you are in a bookshop and want to buy a book, you can just have a quick look at your collection and be sure that you don't already have one in the book library.

Enjoy the beautiful outlook of your book collection!

You will be able to make a wonderful book album pleasant to work with and choose from what to read in bed tonight. You are to decide yourself which info you're going to include there and which template to use or even create a template yourself - there's such an opportunity provided in All My Books.

So, if you are a genuine book lover and possess an extensive collection of books, using this software for library yourself does promise you a lot of benefits. Try it yourself - the software designers offer a 30-day trial period, so that you could see the true value of this software.